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Dignity & Services chartered many successes despite working under limited resources and manpower. The very first project undertaken was the setting up of a vibrant self-advocacy group consisting of only 4 youth members in May 11, 1995. Sponsored and supported by D&S, membership grew to 8 by early 1996. They later called themselves United Voice (or better known as UV).

United Voice

UV created history on 12 July 2005 for being the 1st Society led by persons with LD being recognised by Registrar of Societies (ROS) in Malaysia. Membership increased to 70 by end of 2005. They continued to make further progress by setting up an Employment Project which created jobs for 15 members specializing in handmade cards, magnets, bookmarks and Saori products.

United Nations Recognition

D&S received a special recognition from the United Nation under the ESCAP Award 2000 for our contribution towards empowerment of persons with disabilites.

THE year 2001 was a watershed for the learning disabled community in Malaysia. It marked the birth of One Voice, a monthly column provided by The Star for the learning disabled.Finally, a space was created in the local media for learning disabled persons and their parents, caregivers as well as advocates to speak with a collective voice.

Up until then, the avenue for them to express their concerns and to seek information was limited.

One Voice Column
Project in Cameron Highlands

Dignity & Services undertook a project for 6 years to support persons with learning disabilities in Cameron Highlands by mobilising community support and raising awareness. 


Module On Reproductive Health with MOH
I-Play Toy Library

In a joint venture with E2L Sdn Bhd, we helped to develop the I-PLay Toy Library which is now located in the Orang Asli community in Damansara Perdana. 

D&S is part of the curriculum development group to teach children with special needs and intend to undertake it as a nationwide project in the near future.

Personal Safety Project

We work closely with Protect and Save the Children (P.S. The Children) in the prevention of Child Sexual abuse by monitoring and evaluating their programs implemented in the primary schools. This collaborative work has in turn helped our group with learning disabilities to receive therapy when needed and the personal safety curriculum has been adapted and implemented within the Supported Living group.

One-Two Juice

We felt that a social enterprise was the best way forward for these learning disabled young adults that were leaving school and has no plan for the future.  Hence, a juice stall called ONE TWO JUICE set up in 2011, a collaboration with Selangor Dredging Bhd under their Corporate Social Responsibility goal.  

Options for Supported Living

The OPTIONS programme was set up in 2006 based on the concept of supported living. Dignity & Services adapted this model and implemented it to suit the community in Malaysia. This programme teaches basic life skills to equip the individual for an independent life and to make plans for the future. 

Bake with Dignity

Established four years ago, Bake With Dignity (BWD) is the result of a collaboration between two moms-on-a-mission and Dignity&Services. Today, BWD as an entity of D&S, serves as an avenue for persons with learning disabilities to LEARN and EARN. BWD was established with the aim of providing training and sheltered employment for her members.

Options 2

Following the success of Options 1, we replicated our transitional model to another community in Taman Mayang. This programme commenced on July 2012. 

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