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OPTIONS for a Supported



OPTIONS is a supported living program for persons with learning disabilities. It is about planning for life. Originated in the USA then United Kingdom in 1980s/90s, the concept is based on clear values that;

  • Each persons is a unique individual

  • Have their own likes and dislikes

  • Will want to make certain life choices of their own

  • Most individuals will need some form of support throughout their lives to lead an independent life

  • Future Life Planning should start now with full involvement from families

  • It is a fact that parents as carers will not be around forever.


The OPTIONS program aims to undertake the following;


  • To teach them skills in decision making in planning for their future

  • To help family members to begin planning proactively

  • To offer counseling and support to enable parents to 'let go'

  • To create a team of highly skilled support workers

  • To raise public awareness

  • Sharing our values on philosophy with other communities




In 2006 we set up the first project OPTIONS for Supported Living based on a real need for this kind of service in the community. This transitional model of Supported Living aims to equip individuals with basic life skills so that they can live an independent life with support when parents are no longer around. 


It was initially set up in borrowed premises in Old Klang Road and later moved to a double storey house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Since then, this weekend programme has grown from strength to strength and now supports 20 individuals and families. Thanks to all the families, individuals, organisations and corporations who have helped us to reach this stage.




After the success of OPTIONS 1, it became clear to us that we needed to replicate this transitional model in other communities. In 2013, we went out to meet families in the community from low income groups. We acquired no less than 8 interested families and took the next step by taking tenency of a double storey house in Taman Mayang to commence our second Supported Living Project, OPTIONS 2. 


Moving Forward


OPTIONS  is a transitional programme to prepare the individuals with basic skills for living a more independent life. It is accepted that parents as primary carers will not be around forever and the individual with learning disabilities will have to be prepared to face these life transitions and be able to also move on in life. 

The Options programme offers support for a maximum of 3 years after which the individual moves on to use the basic life skills learnt to lead a more independent life of their own choice with support from the family and friends.


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