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Bake With Dignity is a social enterprise that provide sheltered employment for adults with learning disabilities (AwLD) to learn and earn.

The idea about 10 years ago. If we teach people with learning disabilities to be comfortable in the kitchen and show them the ropes how to cook and bake, at the very least they know how to feed themselves as they grow into adulthood.

Thus a vision was birthed to turn baking into a business of improving motor skills, learning and earning money.  It started casually in the humble kitchen of Supported Living programme.

As the word spread, orders started rolling in from corporations and individuals. We decided to give a brand name to the baking project and called it Bake With Dignity.  Not only it is eponymously named to show that it is part of D&S -- which is all about working for and with people with learning disabilities - it is also to underscore there is dignity in work.

From day one, D&S decided that there would be no compromise in the quality of Bake With Dignity’s cakes, cookies and bread loaves et al. D&S wants customers to get their money’s worth because there is dignity in producing baked goods with the finest ingredients. Pity party is not an option. Recipes are developed mindfully with help from volunteers with culinary experiences. This is to ensure bakers are able to follow through even as food quality is maintained.

D&S took a step further four years ago.  Wit funds raised, through the support by a corporation, Navis Mangement, a charity concert organized by Mr Idris Jala, the legacy of Mr John Green and other donations from some individuals and parents, BWD has expanded and launched its own baking site, BWD bakery & cafe in Leisure Commerce Square, Sunway.


Today, BWD offers a wide variety of delicious quality cakes, cookies, pies and savoury food.

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