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Got a question? If you haven't found the answer on other pages, hopefully you'll find it in our frequently asked questions. If not, drop us a line.

  • What types of learning disabilities does D&S support and advocate for?
    We support and advocate for adults with a broad range of learning disabilities. These include (but aren't limited to) Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, ADHD, Slow Learner, Global Development Delays. If you're not sure if we can support you or your loved one, please get in touch.
  • Who is eligible to join D&S programs?
    We have two eligibility conditions for our programs. You must be: 1) An Adult with Learning Disabilities 2) Over 18 years old
  • How can AwLDs benefit from your programs?
    We run two signature programs to support Adults with Learning Disabilities: 1) Options for Supported Living - this program provides support and training for AwLDs to transition into adulthood and live an independent life. 2) Bake with Dignity - this sheltered employment program equips AwLDs with the skills to find a job in the mainstream workplace. You can find more information about both programs on the Our Programs page.
  • How can I apply for one of your programs?
    If you'd like to join a D&S program, either get in touch through our contact form or give us a call for a chat: For Options for Supported Living, call 010-2881202 For Bake with Dignity, call 010-2881203 We'll get the ball rolling by taking your details, giving you some more information and answering any questions you have.
  • Are your programs for AwLDs free of charge?
    We accept monthly contributions from parents to help us cover the costs of the programs. We'll tell you more about how this works when you apply.
  • Can I visit your D&S programs?
    Yes, we'd be delighted to show you our programs. Please call or message us to arrange your visit: Options for Supported Living house - 010-2881202 Bake with Dignity kitchen - 010-2881203
  • How can I get involved with D&S?
    Here are the main ways you can support our work with Adults with Learning Disabilities: 1. Donate money or items 2. Volunteer in our kitchen with our AwLDs members 3. Buy our Bake with Dignity cookies and other baked items 4. Offer to teach classes on baking or life skills (like budgeting, basic computer skills etc) Don't think that your contribution is too small. Whatever you can do or give makes a difference.
  • How can I stay in the loop about D&S activities and events?
    If you'd like us to keep you updated about what we're up to, simply donate, volunteer, join a D&S program or sign up to our mailing list. We'll then send you a monthly email about: What we've been up to with our AwLD members Upcoming events that you can volunteer for.
  • How will my donation by used?
    Your donation goes straight into funding: Our Options for Supported Living and Bake with Dignity programs Our Advocacy and Public Awareness activities. Your gift is the fuel that enables us to change AwLD lives.
  • Is my donation tax deductible?
    Yes. D&S is a registered charity so all donations are exempted from income tax under sub-section 44 (6) ACP 1967. We'll give you the required receipt when you make your gift.
  • Can organisations collaborate with your NGO on program implementation?
    Yes. We'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

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