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Want to give something back to the community? Donate, volunteer or order from us. When you take action to help an adult with learning disabilities, you enrich your own life too

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At D&S, we know just what it takes to give an adult with learning disabilities the life they deserve. We've got the programs, the expertise, the experience and the passion. 


But we still can't do it without your support as a donor or volunteer. When you give your time or your money (or both), you make change possible.

So we need you. But we promise that your giving isn't a one-way street ...  

"I love spending time in the kitchen chatting and making cookies. Everyone works so hard. And they're so proud of their baking. I feel humbled and grateful. I enjoy it every time - it's always hard to leave at the end of the day. I feel like I'm making a bigger contribution to society ..."

- Cheryl Godfrey, D&S Volunteer

here's how you can make a difference too



Wanting to do your bit for your community but not sure how? Supporting adults with special needs is one of the most fulfilling ways to give something back.

You can volunteer to help regularly in our Bake with Dignity kitchen. Or to lend a hand at an event.

Or you could offer to teach your life and work skills to our AwLDs. Perhaps it's cooking or budgeting or basic computer skills - or something else.


Whatever you can share, you could change someone's life for the better.

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Regular gifts from our donors provide the fuel that keeps our work with adults with learning disabilities going.

When you give to D&S, your donation goes straight into making our Options supported living and our Bake with Dignity on-the-job training programs possible.

So that we can serve more people with special needs. And give them the skills and self-confidence to move beyond isolation and despair. Toward a fulfilling and dignified life of their own choice.

Whatever you can give makes a difference.


Buy our cookies

Whether you're already a D&S donor or volunteer, or whether you just enjoy a good cookie, give our delicious baked goods a go.

Our talented Bake with Dignity bakers don't just create cookies. You'll find cakes, brownies and savoury items on the menu.

All are made with skill and fine ingredients.

So you won't just be doing a good turn when you buy from us. You'll also be indulging in some high-quality treats.

But all profits go into our AwLD programs. So feel good about your indulgence ...

volunteering at d&s is fun

Every Christmas, we put on a marathon cookie bake to fulfil our Bake with Dignity kitchen's festive orders. Volunteers join us for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps they want to contribute to society, to support adults with learning disabilities or simply to enjoy a day of baking.

Whatever their reason for coming, our volunteers always get something special from working with people with special needs. They leave feeling inspired and happy - and surprised at the skill and independence of our AwLDs.


"It was a pleasure to work with oku youngsters who are so professional in baking. Impressed with their work. Thanks to the workers here for their guidance"
- Ping Hui


"I've never baked before. Neither have I worked with special needs people. It was a valuable experience"
- Farahin

"It was very refreshing. It gives me different perspectives about special needs kids. They are in fact talented in their own way"
- Edna Soh


"One of my newest experiences. I would like to come back again,"

- Yaaser Arfath Fouzul



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support d&S.
Support special needs adults

Interested in volunteering in KL? Keen to give to a Malaysian charity? Get involved with D&S. You'll enrich your own life too.

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