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bake with dignity - employment training for awlds

Are you an adult with learning disabilities who'd like to get a job?

Our Bake with Dignity program will give you on-the-job training in a professional kitchen. We'll help you build the skills and confidence you need. And support you to find work with mainstream employers.

Job training for special needs adults in the Bake with Dignity kitchen

creating equal opportunities 

Society's misconceptions about learning disabilities hit particularly hard when it comes to finding work.

Many employers won't even give people with special needs a chance. Or they only trust them with the most menial tasks.

Dignity & Services has been battling discrimination and promoting equal opportunities in the workplace since the charity's earliest days.


And we've been providing job training and meaningful employment experience for adults with learning difficulties for nearly two decades.

what is bake with dignity on-the-job training?

When Bake with Dignity started in 2006 in the kitchen of our Option for Supported Living program, we had limited ambitions.

By giving our 
members the chance to bake for their families and friends, we hoped they'd become more comfortable in the kitchen and more independent in feeding themselves.

But word soon spread of their delicious baked treats. They began getting both corporate and private orders.


So the Bake with Dignity brand was born.

Today BwD is a social enterprise with a standalone professional kitchen.

Our ambitions have grown by equal measure ...


The program now offers thorough employment training to adults with learning disabilities. And gives them exposure to a real-life work environment before supporting them to transition into the broader workplace.

Bake with Dignity sales counter selling our cookies and cakes

Our exceptional team of bakers make cookies, cakes and savoury treats with skill, care and fine ingredients. Buy them at our two Bake with Dignity counters in Kuala Lumpur. Or order for delivery to your home or office.

HOW can bake with dignity HELP ME?

Working in our Bake with Dignity kitchen will equip you with all the skills you need to get a fulfilling job and earn your own living.


On top of mastering essential baking and cooking skills, you'll learn about:​

  • Kitchen hygiene and safety

  • Product packaging

  • Customer service

  • Taking payments with point-of-sale systems

  • Finance management

  • Teamwork 

  • Time management 


We'll take you with care and patience through our systematic training program and, when you are ready, help you find the right job.

But that's only part of what Bake with Dignity is about.

Working in this friendly kitchen will challenge you to try new things and build your confidence in your abilities. And, as a valued member of our close-knit baking team, you'll get to take pride in creating and selling a high-quality product.

Bake with Dignity gives people with special needs the tools and support to find meaningful employment

Whether you're an adult with learning disabilities or a parent carer, we'd love to hear from you.

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